As we finished the 2022 maple season, we had a great year in light of the unusual weather, about 20 degrees below average and few days in the 40’s with sunshine. Yet we were able to produce 175 gallons of Amber and Dark maple syrup. Significant changes this year also involved in the scarcity of containers, both glass and plastic and the instability of rising prices of all supplies. With all that, we were able to bottle in glass and plastic (the vast majority in glass) as we ordered our bottles early last fall.

From the comments of our recent Michigan Maple Weekend open house, this year is expected to be another sellout year. “Tasting the Michigan Tradition’ has brought numerous families into the maple sugar house and provided a hands-on view of the process. Almost all that visited during the open house and during the month of April, left with maple syrup in hand.

If you’re looking for a unique product made the old way (woodfire, no reverse osmosis to remove the water from the sap), plus our organic certification for processing and handling, one is not surprised of the most frequent comment we receive is “it’s the best maple syrup we have ever tasted”.

If you’re ready to take the maple challenge, visit our online store or stop by the store located on our farm. We always look forward to telling our maple family story.