The 2019 season entailed 800 taps and over 10,000 gallons of maple sap in four weeks of gathering and boiling to make syrup. Our best day gathered 1600 gallons of sap and there were several more that were close. We produced 265 gallons of Grade A Maple Syrup in both Amber and Dark grades and our sap sugar content averaged 2.5 right to the very end.  Both grades were exceptional and the maple flavor was robust. So far, the majority of our customers chose amber however in the recent week, our Dark Robust maple syrup has more than gained attention as it truly has the most distinct maple flavor.

With the help of two “kindred spirited” families, we enjoyed the season and the time spent in the woods. With many visitors along the way, we made sure that all had the opportunity to taste the warm maple syrup coming from our bottling tank. Our processes were of more than casual interest to our visitors as their unfamiliarity in the evaporating process was of most interest. Our evaporator has the capacity to evaporate 70 gallons an hour and combined with our air-tight hearth, we believe we achieved that  evaporating rate on a consistent basis. With stainless steel throughout the process, the visitors commented frequently on the cleanliness and care that was being taken in our family tradition.

We pulled our taps on Friday, April 5th and as we continued to boil the last 300 gallons of sap, we began the process of the season closing by washing the lines and tanks for storage. There is no doubt that the adage ” We are always happy when the Maple Syrup season begins and just as happy when it ends” serves many maple syrup families as the season’s four to five weeks is often a busy time for all in making maple syrup.

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