The MapleWorxz Summer Routine

The post Maple Syrup season is a time for making the changes before next years season to ensure greater efficiency and lets face it — more fun for everyone.

This year we received our Michigan Department of Agriculture inspection (MDARD) and issued a license on May 8th. We are all very pleased with that achievement in that we are confident that our processes and practices are in accordance with Michigan’s food licensing requirements. Our commitment for tap to bottle process monitoring and quality continues to follow the families quest for achieving the best in producing Michigan Pure Maple Syrup.

With that challenge lies the rest of the maintenance that gets performed during the summer. Currently, our evaporator and syrup pans have a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water which removes the residue left from the long hours of boiling sap into maple syrup. With a little scrubbing, the niter buildup dissolves and the results are shiny stainless steel surfaces. As the cleaning progresses, the floats and other valves are removed, cleaned, inspected and stored in our storage cupboards until next season.

The kitchen undergoes a through cleaning and all the utensils are placed in sealed storage. The surface of our wood cook stove is oiled with olive oil, the windows washed and sinks shined with that “best of best” Bar Keepers Friend cleaner and polish.

The list continues as weekly visits ensure that all the items that were discussed to improve our  next season are making progress to ensure that our next season starts smoothly.

Truly the Maple Syrup season brings morning smiles!

(The picture is my fathers 1949 Leader Hearth)