Father said there were those who made syrup and then those who made Maple Syrup and he and his father were the later. They took pride in making the best tasting Maple syrup around and that tradition carries on with our family today.  What does that mean as a customer?

  • We process our Maple sap “Tree to Table” with no additives what-so-ever.
  • We refuse to use the “Reverse Osmosis” process to extract water from the sap before evaporating to speed up the syrup making process–some say it changes the syrups taste and we believe them.
  • We keep our process free from soaps (sodium Hydroxide) which is required to clean and prevent bacteria in the Reverse Osmosis Membranes. It  enhances the risk of infusing the sap and changing the taste and we believe them.
  •  We filter our tree sap twice before the evaporator and maple syrup twice before bottling, We refuse to use mechanical filters with diatomaceous earth as the filtering agent but use the traditional cloth pre and post filters at each step of the maple process.

Without a doubt, our process takes longer to make our syrup compared to the new methods of reducing water in the sap and pressurized filtering to speed things up. We think our traditions are the reason we receive consist compliments on the taste of our Maple syrup from our customers. That’s why we believe in our slogan “Taste the Michigan Tradition”

Are you ready to taste our “Michigan Tradition” too?