One of the most frequent questions asked about our Maple Syrup is “What makes Organic Maple Syrup Organic”? Of course, there is a short answer and then a longer explanation if needed. Our short response is that you just can’t find better maple syrup than organic as it’s all about process control and more about what we don’t do in our maple syrup process. We avoid anything that may interfere with the maple taste such as the use of reverse osmosis to save time. 

First, although there is much debate over the removal of water from the sap to reduce processing time and increase the sugar content, we continue to process our maple sap the traditional way without any alterations and as natural as possible. The use of reverse osmosis is considered organic if all other organic specifications are met, yet we have difficulty acknowledging its acceptance for the following practice.

Sodium hydroxide (lye) is commonly used to clean and disinfect the reverse osmosis membranes and we believe that regardless of the volume of water required for flushing the membranes for removing any residue, the maple taste will be affected. We follow  the traditional steps in our maple syrup process to assure that our customers receive the best flavor which our family refers to as, “Taste the Michigan Tradition”.

And second, Organic Maple Syrup requires a detailed process measurement so that the outcome meets maple standard specifications. This involves maintaining temperature, density, and sugar content (66.9%) so that the maple syrup is consistent throughout the maple process. In addition, the same oversight is critical at bottling to maintain the same specifications. Dense or high sugar maple syrup causes crystallization in the bottle whereas less dense maple syrup has marginal maple taste quality.

If you’re looking for great tasting Maple Syrup, make the MapleWorxz™ brand your choice.