The 2023 Maple Season is just about ready to begin. As a traditional maple producer, we are not engaging in early tapping of our maple tree with the mild weather in February. We plan to tap our maple trees, about 800 plus on Saturday March 4th.

Many of our counterparts have had their trees tapped for a couple of weeks already and since once a tree is tapped, the life of the tap is about four weeks at the most before the tree heals and stops the sap flow, we prefer to tap during the traditional start of Michigan maple the first of March. In addition, we are a traditional producer and do not use vacuum nor reverse osmosis in our maple process preferring the traditional method for the best maple flavor.

We are in the process of getting everything ready for tap day and will be anticipating more syrup like weather in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, and Lord willing, we will enjoy another productive maple production year. Check back for further updates and don’t forget to check the recipes that are posted!